Security Licence No: 103175

Stained Glass Overlay Penrith


All ClearShield products have been approved for use in bushfire applications up to and including the highest FZ level of requirement under AS3959. 

Fire Attenuation Screens

ClearShield's Fire Attenuation Screen has been designed for applications to satisfy the requirements of AS1530.4-2005. ClearShield's Fire Attenuation Screens are an economical alternative to conventional drenching (sprinkler) systems and they also offer a high level of security.

ClearShield Australia contracted the services of Warrington Fire Research Australia to test the ClearShield's Fire Attenuation Screen and when tested, achieved a reduction of radiant heat of 44kW/m2.

ClearShield Emergency Exit Screens are also very useful as a bushfire screen where the application requires the screen to protect the complete window thus allowing the occupants easy escape in an emergency.