Security Licence No: 103175

Stained Glass Overlay Penrith



Nothing comes close to the superior look of ClearShield's unique stainless steel security screens.

Unlike woven mesh products which can collect dirt and dust in the weave, ClearShield security screens feature a smooth and easy to clean stainless steel that is burglar resistant and irresistible to look at.

ClearShield is a stainless steel perforated screen product made from a single flat sheet of perforated stainless steel that is smooth and easy to clean. This unique design provides homeowners the luxury of stylish good looks combined with peace of mind knowing they are safe in their homes behind one of Australia's most recognised security screens.

Made to measure and colour matched to your home, ClearShield screens are available as fixed or easy to use Emergency Exit Screens in a wide range of powder-coated frame finishes.

ClearShield achieved outstanding results.

ClearShield Security Doors, fixed and emergency exit screens have been tested to and comply to the following AS Standards:

  • Knife Shear Test (AS5039 – 2008)
  • Impact Test (AS5039 – 2008)
  • Anti-Jemmy Test (AS5039 – 2008)
  • Pull Test (AS5039 – 2008)
  • Bushfire Standard (AS3959 – 2009)
  • U Value, Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency and      Visible Light Transmission testing